Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The Modern Myth Lab (MML)

During the first term of the second year we were put into workshop groups, I and a few others were put with Sue, not knowing where this would lead! After the first workshop we decided we were the modern myth lab. A secret society, members only! We made badges, and had competitions a little bit of banter within the lab. We learnt how to make beak books and were asked to make a couple based on titles given. Our final outcome was a box (inspired by Fluxus) filled with small handmade books and badges, along with a few other bits people had made. This was one of the most interesting workshops I have been in, long live the MML!

Book Covers

Here are a few images of some book covers I designed as part of the "You shouldn't judge a book by its cover" brief. I chose the futureshock set of books, where I designed covers for books such as clockwork orange, fahrenheit 451, do androids dream of electric sheep and nineteen eighty four. I made all book covers by hand and scanned in to add the blurb. I really enjoyed experimenting and coming up with images to put on the cover, by using old imagery and materials.