Friday, 25 September 2009


I'm still finding myself stuck on the design for a final poster for Kino4 while I've decided on an illustration I've drawn, I'm a little stuck on the sort of type that should be used? I've had a go with a few hand drawn ones to stay with the linear illustration but nothing seems to look good!....any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Alison Mercer

I recently came across the webpage of my old foundation and textile tutor Alison Mercer. I went onto foundation with textiles in mind and a passion for working with different materials, but then found myself falling into graphic design, working and exploring more with type and illustration and most of all collage.

I remembered about a book I made on foundation as part of Alison's group it was named an "Altered book", and old existing book that was to be remade in our own way. On Alison's webpage it has a variety of beautiful books she has created, and I wanted to share them with you!

I really like the way she works with paper and material sewing over them and writing on them, It's reminded me of a way in which I used to work and a way I would like to explore again. Next time, when I'm home if I remember I will dig out my altered book and put it up :)

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Oh Poirot how I've missed you...

All summer I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was that I was missing. Then only last night it hit me. My daily dose of Poirot! Last year in uni, the late nights and early mornings from doing work were never lonely! I'd turn on itv3 to always find Poirot solving his murder mysteries!The 1930's drama really has me hooked!

Sunday, 13 September 2009

D&AD: Pretty Posters

These lovely looking posters are also from the D&AD show at uni. I really like these images and find them to be visually interesting and almost comforting as they remind me of home life, the fairground reminds me of the seafront at Rhyl, and the pier image reminds me of my local beach (as seen in previous blog). There is something nostalgic about these images, the way they have been painted feel like their images from a dream or of somewhere you feel you have been before.

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside...

When I'm in Manchester one thing I really miss about home is the seaside and the beaches. I have begun to really appreciate the beauty of Wales and everything about it. Living only ten minutes away from the beach is so lovely just to go for a walk, get away from things, and have some space and time to yourself. Ever since I can remember the pier in Colwyn Bay, where I live, has always interested me. It's been there a very long time, and I've heard it has a lot of history. The images I took don't do it justice, it's just a very pretty place :) 

D&AD: Nicola Rowlands

After not being able to upload images off my camera all summer,  I've managed to upload the images I took of the D&AD degree show onto my mac. I was impressed by majority of the work that was on show and some in particular really inspired me. One of the most memorable pieces for me was by Nicola Rowlands, she created a large poster that was used as her promotional mailer. I've been on to her web site and her stuff is really cool, I like the different use of materials in this piece,and all the small images within larger ones. 

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Claire Scully

While researching for the Kino brief I came across an online portfolio that was full of work created by Claire Scully, a Central Saint Martins graduate. She graduated in 2006 in Communication design and has been working since as a freelance illustrator. Her clients range from the Guardian, New York Times to Random House and Penguin Books. Collaborating with other artists Claire works across many media drawing, painting, digital collage and photography. I really like the way in which she works using all media possible and using variety in every piece that she produces. It has made me think about my way of working, and has made me feel like experimenting with other possible ways of creating images. 

Team Hawaii :Malin Grundtrom and Anne Gustavsson.

Recently while reading a magazine I came across an illustration that I found to be quite interesting. Last thing i expected to find in a H&M magazine was an illustration group that I would actually like and be inspired by. Malin Grundtrom and Anne Gustavsson stared working together as Team Hawaii back in 2001 and quickly established a strong client base with illustrations. These illustrations show their visual concepts and strong sense of humor. These illustrations are interesting , while they look dynamic and busy, there is something quite lovely about the images they have created.