Monday, 27 April 2009

A little Something For Mr.Anderson

During the term we were asked to do at least one live brief. I chose to Make Ian Anderson something he can keep forever. I thought about making postcards as they, to me are something id keep forever. I thought about all the things i keep forever and all those things are to be seen on my walls and around my room. When looking around my room for inspiration I found a quote I had, I found this to be a nice quote, so with a couple of hand drawn and found images I created a piece he could put on his wall and keep forever.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Presentation: Yokoland

For my presentation, I have decided to do it on the work that Yokoland produce for Metronomicon Audio. They collaborate in designing album covers, inside artwork, and music posters for this record label. Both Norwegian companies believe in experimental work and where as Metronomicon record experimental sound, Yokoland design using this method. I decided it was best to talk about something I have an interest in and knowledge about rather than looking at something new and not feeling confident about it. The designs produced by Yokoland are something I really have an interest in, so to be presenting their work would be almost effortless.

Tweet Tweet.

I have recently become aware that I have an unhealthy obsession with birds. It was only a few weeks ago I was counting to find I had 6 bird necklaces, 2 bird tee’s, posters on my wall and even birds on my socks and pyjamas! When typing up my journal and looking in my sketchbooks I’ve also used birds in animations, for decorating pages and even in Ian Andersons piece that I sent him. I’ve also managed to include them in my journal on both cover and dividing pages. I particularly like the bird images from old books, the ones where the pages are covered in different types of birds similar to the image shown. These are the birds I used in my journal, pasting only one of them to each divider.

1940/50’s Design

It’s taken a while but I have finally been shown how to blog! Id like to begin my blog by talking about my interest in the designs produced in the 1940/50s. During the book designing brief, when researching, I found a few images and pieces from this era that I found to be interesting. I cant quite put my finger on why I find this era’s form of design so appealing, I only know that it interests me and I find myself researching it every chance I get. I enjoy looking back at history, and seeing how things have changed and developed. Sometimes I find that the design produced back in the 40’s/ 50’s are more interesting than what is being produced today. I enjoy using existing images from this era in my work and cutting and pasting them to create my own work. Most of my interests lay in the book jacket designs and posters that were designed during the 1940/50’s. To me the designs produced in this era are beautiful and delicate, and the colour pallet gives it a soft, vintage look.