Friday, 24 April 2009

1940/50’s Design

It’s taken a while but I have finally been shown how to blog! Id like to begin my blog by talking about my interest in the designs produced in the 1940/50s. During the book designing brief, when researching, I found a few images and pieces from this era that I found to be interesting. I cant quite put my finger on why I find this era’s form of design so appealing, I only know that it interests me and I find myself researching it every chance I get. I enjoy looking back at history, and seeing how things have changed and developed. Sometimes I find that the design produced back in the 40’s/ 50’s are more interesting than what is being produced today. I enjoy using existing images from this era in my work and cutting and pasting them to create my own work. Most of my interests lay in the book jacket designs and posters that were designed during the 1940/50’s. To me the designs produced in this era are beautiful and delicate, and the colour pallet gives it a soft, vintage look.

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