Wednesday, 16 December 2009

The Diving Bell And Butterfly Book.

Recently I've just finished reading the diving bell and butterfly by Jean Dominique Bauby. After being introduced to the film at a kino night, and being particularly influenced by this film, I decided to buy the book and have a read.

I'm not a massive reader, I rather watching films, maybe that sounds a bit lazy I don't know? But I really enjoyed reading this book. The amount of time I've heard someone say 'its not like the book' about a film and not really understood what they were going on about, I now feel I do!

The film was awe-inspiring, but the book was much much more! I found the book to be a lot more personal, with a lot more attention to detail, and bits that were not included in the film. The film has obviously been influenced and adapted by other people, but the book was primary, straight from Jean himself. Anything he has wanted to include in this book, his feelings, personal thoughts, have been included. To think he has blinked the whole book, is unbelievable. The back of the book also includes an obituary, and a brief few pages on bringing it to screen.

I would highly recommend the book to anyone who really enjoyed the film, at only 139 pages, its a light but beautiful read. I'm glad I bought this book, as I consider the film and the story itself to be one of the most influential narratives I've heard yet.

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