Friday, 4 December 2009

Essay update...

On Wednesday I had my tutorial with Mack. I was a little worried as I thought the draft I had handed in was rather messy and needed a lot of work doing to it. The written work in my opinion is my weakest section of the over all marks. Although my journal in previous years has been of good standard, I always find that my essay work is a lot harder and needs more work.

I've always found it hard writing essays and I think this may be because my first language is welsh. I went to a welsh primary school and throughout high school was taught everything through the welsh language, maths, science, french and design.

My essay tutorial went better than I had expected, although there is a lot more to add to it and some more things I need to mention with a few changes, I am over all very happy with how it went. I have a lot more work to do over christmas!

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