Friday, 4 December 2009

I am a 'Creative Friend'.

Ian Anderson's workshop group were asked to bring along a creative friend this week and I was luckily asked by Jemma 'C dawg' Connor. I'd heard about their current pointless task, so knew that what we would have to do would be along the lines of something pointless, random or irrelevant! I will admit that I was a little anxious but excited to see what we would be doing.

After watching a few people from the last group present Ian gave us a few tips on presenting, telling us what we should and shouldn't do. For example:
  • If uncomfortable while presenting set your eyes on one person, maybe a friend or someone you feel comfortable with.
  • Always finish a presentation with 'Thank you' or 'Any questions?'.
  • If a presentation is to be 10mins then you should make it that long, otherwise it may seem that you haven't tried and aren't bothered!
And then we were given our brief! Golly what a brief this was, until explained I was so confused! We were to go into teams and would be allocated a colour, we were then to try and convince the world government that they should use our colour over everyone else's. It was to be pointless, fun, and include creative thinking.

I was in the Yellow team. We began brain storming thinking of such things as, yellow food, associations with yellow, feelings, meanings in other countries and everyday yellow objects. We also looked into songs, maybe a sing song may be in order?

We came up with many ideas, but one in particular which involved our mothers and limericks!

Watch this space!

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