Saturday, 30 January 2010

Ready Teddy Go!

Here are a couple of the final designs made by me and Jemma for the Ted Baker brief. The bottom image is the actual image of the final shop window. With the idea of launching and traveling in mind we thought for the doorway that runway lights would be appropriate along the floor, welcoming you into the store.

Above the doorway as you walk into the store would be the words 'Arrivals' in lights and on the opposite side when vacating the store 'departures', again the idea of traveling being within the store as well as the window display.

As we had the Manchester store in mind we had noticed that the left window(of the image) of their store always displayed mannequins where as the right always had the display, so this is what we did. We brought some of the theme into it but not too much, in the right window are birds launching themselves into the new season (but also the idea of traveling and migrating). The large bird would be in fact coming out of the window, its body on the inside and head on the outer. We also included the slogan we had to go with this theme, "Ready, Teddy, Go!" on the window.

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