Saturday, 30 January 2010

Silence is finally silenced!

Hand in has been and I think for most people getting the long, lingering brief silence was a relief! After the review I felt a little deflated and a little bit like "Argh where do I go now!", not that it was a bad review but I was told that the concept was a little weak, as all I did was draw and paint birds!

After much thought and a workshop with Lucy, I decided on staying with the idea of birds and looking at Carrier Pigeons. I then came up with a concept. The idea of silence being the none verbal communication between people. This is where I came up with the idea of a narrative of two people sending and receiving a message with nothing actually said, and also getting chance to use the carrier pigeon idea.

After playing around visually and drawing up a quick narrative, I then began to draw the images I would be using in my book. I then got a family friend (who is brilliant at writing!) to write me a small narrative that I could use in my book. I sent her the images and she wrote a poem to go with the images. Each image was matched with a line from the poem.

I then experimented with forms of concertina books, folding them, I also stitched books up the side with a machine. I also had a go at packaging the book, thinking about different ways I could present the book. I then had the chance to make a hard back book in uni, and this was to be my final outcome for silence.

I was happy with the final piece but wished that I had been able to make a hard back book earlier. I felt like the lack of time pushed me to make decisions I may not be totally happy with, like the cover of the book. Making the book has made me realize that I do really enjoy and appreciate handmade things.

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