Sunday, 29 November 2009

Kino4: Dead Man (1995)

What a let down for Kino! Not only was it a rather poor turn out but I don’t think many people thought much of the film its self. It wasn’t a film I had heard of but I was willing to watch it as the previous films for Kino had been really interesting. I think I lasted about 2 thirds when I totally lost interest in the film and could not grasp the concept and story within the film.

I almost felt it was an awkward film, and I was constantly thinking “what’s that all about?” Saying this I did find there were some beautiful moments and shots within the film. I also found it to be quite humorous and quite odd in places, like at the beginning when they start shooting buffalo out of the carriage window!

I hope the next Kino4 film is better and there is more of an atmosphere and turn out for it. I think if this had been the case with Dead Man, a lot of people would have tried to watch it with a better frame of mind. I know I would have!

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