Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Cube Gallery

Yesterday a few of us decided to visit the Cube gallery on our way into town, and quite frankly I was quite disappointed. I'd heard good reviews and people saying the exhibition was a must, when really I only found a handful of pieces in the exhibition to be of interest.

Maybe it wasn't totally my cup of tea and other people found it to be of help or interest, but some of the pieces were definitely not up my street! Although I am very open minded when it comes to design and I am always open to new ways of working and ideas, I think I have a specific type of interest. I particularly like handmade pieces, illustrated pieces, and almost old vintage looking pieces.

Although It wasn't to my expectations I did find a few pieces that I liked. This was particularly my favorite, "Victorian Gothic: The Dilemma of Style 1980 a lecture poster. I really liked the choice of pallet here, the navy blue and white linear illustration and handwriting really compliment one another. There is so much to look at in this lecture poster, so many small patterns and details within the image itself.

Another few pieces I thought fitted in well with the dissertation I had previously handed in was the typographic collages. I was looking at the cut and paste approach many visual artists and music artists had during the 70's. Below is an image of a glass case full of small pockets full of cut out letters. There's something really nice about these pieces, simple but really nice to look at.

I think these pieces of design work really well as a set and although different they all hold an element that connect them together. As well as working in a set I also think they work just as well individually. I particularly like that they are displayed in white photo frames and in all different sizes.

Although a few people agreed with me, that the exhibition wasn't as good as they had anticipated, I wonder weather I was in the right frame of mind when visiting cube? There was a few good pieces here, but I do think that it may have been suited to some people, while others maybe not so much!

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