Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Craig Lecture

" the "f*****g dark arts to me!"

- Craig talking about web design.

What an interesting lecture! Unlike the one presented from YCN i was absolutely fascinated with this lecture, maybe that was because of all the swearing, or the information that was given!? It seemed Craig liked to fill in the gaps with the words "F***" or "F*****g", every other word! Which was quite amusing considering the "Emmerdale" like accent he pointed out he had at the beginning! This lecture was something I think will now help a lot of people, there were some really good points Craig spoke about, and on a down to earth level gave us some pointers.

The lecture was also given to us in a large handout newspaper format, which I thought was a brilliant idea, something we have to look back on and read whenever we need. The lecture consisted of 12 things Craig learnt whilst being a designer after leaving uni, things he felt would help us that we do not learn through education but experience. It was really helpful as most things he said will help us during our final important year of uni.

There was a lot said about placements and portfolios which was very helpful and has made me consider a few things more carefully. I really did find this lecture to be very helpful although a little nerve-racking that we will soon be leaving the comfort of university!I found Craig to be very modest and like he said he didn't want to blow his own trumpet! I found it comforting that even he, who now has a good design job, still finds certain aspects and elements of design hard. For example making and creating grids are hard for Craig and take a long while to do.

It's nice to have a lecture and not to hear how hard things are, how hard it was for them to get a job and generally negative vibe. It was good to hear how he went about working and how although still in debt he is enjoying every minute of it. There is hope yet!

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