Sunday, 22 November 2009

Lucy's Workshop

On Friday I had the chance to spend all day being tutored by Lucy, and what a breath of fresh air it was. Since the review I’ve found myself a little stuck on the silence brief and on Friday we had the chance to show Lucy what we’ve been doing and where we’re up to.

In the review I was told my concept wasn’t strong enough so this is where I needed a stronger concept. Lucy had a look at all my visuals and listened to my ideas and gave me a few ideas to think about. It was really nice to have another tutor’s opinion, where as before I was feeling quite down about it, now I feel quite hopeful. We spoke about a few ideas and a few things she wants me to have a think about before the next tutorial on Friday.

We also had a walk over to the special collection in the library where we had the chance to look at some really nice books and ways of presenting work within a book like way. This was also quite inspiring. We returned to the book binding room to try out some ways of binding, the pamphlet stitch and the French stitch, both of which were quite simple but very handy for future projects!

I’m working on and thinking about the things Lucy mentioned and trying to suss out what kind of book I would like to produce for the silence brief and its contents, it would be great to get it done before Christmas, one less thing off the long to do list!

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