Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Essay and it's bits...

While researching and writing the essay I have found myself even more interested than I realised in the subject that I was writing about. Although the main subject of my essay is album covers and I'm asking such questions as "will downloading jeopardize the existence of the sleeve?" I wanted to explore the history behind many influences of design and some eras where the sleeve was considered a monumental hit!

And even though this part of the essay was not intended to be a large chunk it ended up being rather large! I was researching into the 50's right through to the late 70's punk era. Looking at people such as Johnny Cash, and Elvis right through to The Sex Pistols, Crass, and the Buzzcocks. I've also been listening to the music as well as looking and reading into the sleeve art that was produced around these periods. (which I've really enjoyed, as I already particularly like Cash and Elvis!)

I've found some lovely looking album sleeves from that era which I saw in an exhibition when I went to New york. The exhibition was called 'Looking at music', looking at all sorts of music related things in different materials but there was a section on old sleeves and this was very helpful when trying to explain some points I've made during the essay. Learning and reading about how punk became to be, and the history behind some sleeves is so interesting. I knew I was interested in this subject but didn't quite know how engrossed in the history side of it I would get. Great stuff! :)

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