Sunday, 22 November 2009

Live Brief: Ted Baker

Recently we were given the list of live briefs to choose from, I found there to be quite a good choice and found it hard to choose from. It was between the paper brief, Ted Baker and the H.G wells book cover brief. After much thought, I decided on the Ted Baker brief. Not only was I excited about starting this new brief but I was about to work as part of a pair, the other half being Jemma Connor (or ‘C dawg’ as I like to call her!). We have been waiting for the chance to work as a pair, as both of us feel we bring different design qualities to the table, and wanted to learn off one another.

It wasn’t long at all before we had almost 5 A4 pages full of exciting ideas, and that was before a drink in weatherspoons and further brainstorming! We sat down and wrote absolutely every idea we had, and followed that up by re-searching into existing and previous window displays by other stores and obviously previous Ted Baker windows. Most of which we found to be oddly our taste!

The Ted Baker windows were wacky, strange, oddly funny and definitely a little bit out there! I now understood precisely the type of thing they are looking for within this brief.

Ted Baker is asking for it to be:

Irreverently British
In your face explosions of fun!
Simple to understand
(And to put a smile on people’s faces…)

…something we feel is quite up our street! We have only had this brief a week and I think it’s safe to say we have had so much fun already, thinking of ideas, visualising images and layouts. To be honest we have been quite silly about it, but I think that’s what they are looking for. We’ve started thumb nailing ideas now, trying to get one step closer to visualizing what it could look like. We’re looking forward to start making some mock ups, and have a go and sticking and pasting a few ideas down on paper! Let’s get making…

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