Thursday, 11 February 2010

RSA postage stamps

Last term one of the briefs I did was the RSA Postage stamp brief. Although I did enjoy this brief I thought it would be a little more simpler than it actually was. I was looking forward very much to start this brief, and couldn't believe how stuck I had got before finally getting an idea!

There were 2 choices, to look at biodiversity or celebrate the 4 countries. I instantly wanted to do the biodiversity but after much research realized that all my ideas and all that I would have liked to have done, had already been done. I then went about researching the 4 countries, this was also harder than expected. I was surprised at how horrible some of the stamps for this category were!

I then had a bright idea! (mind the pun). When thinking about biodiversity I was always thinking about the obvious, nature, animals and the environment. Then I started thinking about how we need to sustain a better way of live not only for the earth but for us as well. One of the biggest things that stood out was the co2 emissions, and our carbon footprint. This is where I got the idea of the energy saving life bulbs. I then drew some different light bulbs from angles and then played around with them on stamp templates.

I managed to turn this around in a few days, and to think I had no final idea I am very happy with the outcome. Although simple, I feel that stamps must be, as they are small and need to be eye catching. Although assessment has been I'd maybe like to try develop these stamps to see how they could progress.

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