Sunday, 21 February 2010

Urbis: Home-grown: the story of UK hip hop.

Yesterday I visited the Urbis for one last time!... I cannot believe its being made into a football museum?what a waste! For one of the final exhibitions shown in the Urbis I was very pleased to see that it was quite and interesting and educational one. When I first heard about the exhibition I thought to myself, hmm hip hop? This wont be totally up my street at all! But I was pleasantly surprised! I really enjoyed walking around learning as I was looking at the art and culture of the UK hip hop scene leading up until today.

The exhibition looked back over almost 3 decades and shows how the spirit of the Bronx block party and an individual british influence was taken upon by a generation of young youth. In doing so it shows how a US subculture featuring art, politics, rhyme, dance and music was adopted, adapted and embraced to create a powerful, complex, cultural force, this side of the Atlantic. The exhibition brings together the rare and remarkable hip hop photography, music, film and fashion from the best private collections.

I particularly liked and looked more closely at the music, the album/ vinyls and cassette designs as I find these elements interesting and visually exciting! I was also very interested in the print documents that were created and designed for the UK kip hop scene.

I was glad that i'd decided to go to urbis as I wasn't intending on going to this exhibition, but as I realised it would be one of the final times I thought I'd regret not going. I actually really enjoyed this exhibition and feel the need to tell people that are not aware that it's there to go and have a look. People who are involved in design obviously hear about these exhibitions all the time, but what about those people who are still involved in this culture, dress, listen to the music, are not aware? Spread the word!

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