Sunday, 21 February 2010

Stop oh yes,wait a minute mr. postman...

Headline: "Postman Pat loses all his rubber goods" - Royal Mail.

Recently Leanne and I decided to attempt the elastic band brief as a project on the side. The brief being :

"Create a campaign to encourage postmen to stop dropping elastic bands in the streets. Use any appropriate media."

We have been researching this subject, and I personally wasn't aware at how big of deal dropping elastic bands were to the public. The are endless articles about how much the royal mail spend on elastic bands every year (£1 million), and how radio stations asked viewers to send in elastic bands they found, so they could send them back to the sorting office. There were even articles about the red rubber bands harming animals.

We recently set out to ask a handful of postmen a few questions on this subject as we were aware they drink weekly at a local bar, typically for us they weren't there when we got there. We waited but it seems they were otherwise engaged!

The brief is turning out to be something quite fun. Although we do want to take a rather serious approach we also want to have fun with it, while trying to get the point across.

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