Saturday, 20 March 2010

D&AD: Mothers day stall fundraiser

As a contribution to the D&AD degree fund myself, Leanne, Jemma with a J and Anna decided that a mothers day stall would be a good plan. As there had previously been a mothers day stall a few days before we decided to sell the remainder of their stuff as well as our own that we had made.

I had previously been drawing cakes for a brief, when I thought about a t-shirt my mum was given years ago, as part of a charity run for breast cancer, that said "I am a yummy mummy". I then thought that this could make something quite sweet.

I really enjoyed doing the stall, even though there was a mothers day stall right next to us made by the photography students! They were rude and unfortunately I don't think they did as well as we did! Oh well!

The grand total of our day in the holden gallery was £66.80p
Thank you to everyone who contributed with stuff to sell and all those who came down and bought stuff :)

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