Saturday, 20 March 2010

Dont Panic! :Resistance

This brief was a quick brief, a small bit of research, a little bit of brainstorming, ideas and then an outcome. Originally I had been looking at language, and then one day I got this sweet idea! I was sat looking at my previous idea thinking it wasn't good enough, as I was thinking this I had been bought a cupcake. Just as I was thinking I probably shouldn't eat this, I had the light bulb of all ideas! The idea of resistance being things that are bad for you, or naughty.

I then went about drawing some yummy cakes and food we associate to be lustful but naughty. The idea of wanting it, but feeling guilty if we have it. Resistance.

The drawings then got put into illustrator where I changed colours, positions and layouts. I then thought about scanning in my own hand writing and having a small slogan under each one, something we would think or say "naughty naughty" or something cute like "Hello there sweet..."

And these were my outcomes:

Although I wasn't that pleased about the way they had turned out, once printed onto A3 textured paper I found the images really did work and the colours and chosen images looked a lot better than on screen or normal a3 printer paper. Johnny Hardstaff really liked these pieces so maybe their not as bad as I thought?! After all it was a quick turn around brief!

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