Saturday, 20 March 2010

A little bit of Staycation...

After taking the images of the pier and the seaside at home I begun to experiment with drawing a few images and placing them on top of the images I had previously taken. I played around with the opacity on the image in the background to get it a little lighter and more transparent, and placed my linear drawings on top. I then found some existing text to place upon the image. I hand wrote it and scanned it in, as I think that my illustrations would look better with a hand drawn font.

These are my outcomes so far:

When thinking of ideas I did think about posters and printed them out onto a3 textured paper and it looked lovely. Although I liked them my idea isn't to promote or make a campaign on the seaside. My aim is to create a nostalgic piece that will jog peoples memories about the good times at the british seasides, and make them want to re-live this. This will be created in a postcard format with a small delicate handmade box to keep them in.

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