Thursday, 4 March 2010

Dear Mr. Postman...

Last week Leanne and I decided that talking to a postman would be the next best step to take to enable the brief to move forward successfully and would contribute well to the research side of the brief. We got wind that a few postmen drink after their shifts on a friday in weatherspoon in Fallowfield. So we went! As we waited none were to be seen, we had to re think our plans! We then thought about going into the sorting office to ask them for 5 minutes of their time, but yet again it wasn't possible, the queue was out the door!

We then thought about sending them mail. The idea being, we post a letter through the everyday post boxes around streets, and address them to the postmen. Inside is a piece of paper with the questions and brief description about what and why we are doing this. There was also a ready addressed and stamped envelope inside the letter so that they could send them back to us if they wished to fill them out. We each sent 6, Leanne dispatched in Manchester and myself in North Wales.

Yesterday morning I received a reply from a kind postman in Chester. His response was very useful and I'm very happy we have had a response!

Let's hope there are more caring and willing postmen out there!

Get posting!

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