Thursday, 4 March 2010

Don't Vacate. Staycate!

During the self directed week I decided to go home to take some more images of the lovely seaside. I also wanted to go out and sketch a few bits of the piers I had taken images of, as part of the experimental & development bit of the brief. I took the time to stroll down Llandudno pier, and although still a much visited place, it felt old and almost derelict.

I have never actually properly looked and taken things in, while walking down the pier. But everything seems the same, like its stuck in some sort of time zone! Nothing seems to have changed! The small huts along the pier selling welsh novelties, the amusements and games are still, but barley there! Even the old man selling country music on cassettes and cd's is still stood in the same hut just behind the bumpy slide ride!

I had a walk up and down the pier, taking in the scenery as well as taking images. Although I may not end up using the images, it was nice to take some time out and really get the feel for the seaside again ♥

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