Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Johnny Hardstaff

Amongst Johnny Hardstaff's work we can clearly see that the sketchbook pages he produced during the 1990's/92 are lively and full of exciting shapes and images. This "master body" of work he has created is fueled by the vast interest he has on subjects such as imperialism, different cultural inputs and especially the good and the bad that is in the country.

Johnny described how he is also interested in semiotics and how the adverts he creates have an effect on people.

"Graphic design is a weapon"

I really like the sketches johnny produces as part of his journey to get to the final design.

I enjoyed listening to Johnny talking about his work and the things he has been involved in. I found it very refreshing listening to him honestly give his opinion on his work and the industry, it was nice to be talked to and not at!

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