Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The Penguin Parade.

I'm a strong believer that we all need a break now and then, and during the end of summer when I was getting on with uni work, working a summer job and thinking about moving back to Manchester, a break is exactly what I did!

Knowing I love animals and days out what a better way for my boyfriend to surprise me than a day out to the local Welsh mountain zoo!

I love aimlessly walking around zoo's just looking at the obscure and unusual animals we didn't know existed! And always get slightly excited when we approach the bird section of the zoo, as many of my friends know birds are my favorite animals
(with the snow leopard in close second!). So you can imagine my joy when we heard there was a bird flying demonstration with a small snow owl and then to follow a penguin parade!...yes a penguin parade!

The gate from the enclosure opened and all these penguins ran out onto the grass! I couldn't believe it! They were right at my feet doing tricks and being fed, what a funny and wonderful way to end the trip :)

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