Friday, 9 October 2009

Susan Archie

"I like to think that my strength as a music packaging designer is as a documentarian. I’m not a particularly good logo maker, I’m not a great designer, my strength is editorial. I make a beautiful book(let) from a pile of photographs and words. I present/filter the information/artifacts I am given in such a way as to make a compelling story."

Recently when researching for sleeves and album covers I came across a web site on the year 3 blog. Here I found a few artists I like one of them being Susan Archie.

Susan Archie has produced striking designs for Revenant, Dust To Digital and Table of the Elements which we’ve been happy to cover here on Hard Format. Her work imparts a sense of profound respect for its subjects which are fleshed out with biographical and critical detail. She often makes much of limited resources, for example the one surviving photograph of Charley Patton on Screamin’ and Hollerin’ the Blues. As with so much of the work we cover, we recommend you go out and buy this work to experience it properly.

I really like Susan's work, there is something really quaint about her designs and something nice about the way she uses old images and words. As my dissertation is set on album sleeves and music art work I think her influence and way of working may be a great help.

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