Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Silent so far...

For the silent brief I began looking at animals, the thought of preserved animals like in a museum. I then started sketching and exploring ideas with different birds. With a little research I learnt more about birds, and some interesting facts that I never knew! Two things that interest me are animals and facts, so both of them together = lots of excitement!

I began to wonder if my idea was going anywhere, as it felt like I was just drawing birds. So with a little research I looked for birds with silent elements in them. The stork for example doesnt have any vocal chords, making it mute. The owl has silent flight when catching it's pray, making it easyer to catch food. And there is a species of swan called the "mute swan".

So I began exploring with this and here are a few visual responses, as of yet I only have stalk images, there is more to come!....

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