Thursday, 29 October 2009

Experimenting with silence

Here are a few of the latest experiments I have made for the silence brief. Using an old book that I had from a charity shop I scanned in some of the beginning and end pages where there was room to work with, and printed them out onto canvas paper (which has a loooovely texture!) and then painted the birds onto the canvas. I then added some text to the images using transfer letters, which I personally think ads to it nicely.

I really like the idea of working on existing material and the chance that something could happen, for instance without intentionally trying the book I've been using is from a library in a hospital. Two places that are considered to have respect for silence. Also on a few of the pages the text refers to something silent, or you could adapt it to be silent.

I'm really enjoying the experimenting at the moment and would like to develop these ideas further, I also intend to work on/with fabrics and hopefully print some of these designs onto some lovely delicate material.

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